Chromax Metallic M5 Colored Golf Balls (Pack of 6)

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Brand Chromax Color Assorted Age Range (Description) Adult Item Weight 0.35 Pounds Sport Golf Newest, metallic, high visibility golf balls with durable patented Surly coating Find the color that reflects your best game: gold, yellow, neon green, silver, pink, orange, blue or purple and select a few for a great golf gift for your favorite…

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The Chromax M5 is our newest, patented metallic golf ball, tested to Conform to USGA and R&A Rules for tournament play. The new M5 75 compression core, combined with larger dimples, gives your drives more distance. The durable Surlyn coating delivers solid control around the greens and gives the ball longevity to play several rounds.
Many men and seniors are “seeing” the visual advantage of our reflective coating. They are finding a competitive edge over other colored golf balls, with our unique undercoating that catches the light and can be seen with greater success while tracking in the air, locating on the fairway and in the rough.
Chromax golf balls appeal to all ages and skill levels. Do you want to make friends on the golf course? Have a few extra Chromax in your bag, because they are a magnet for golfers who have not seen them before. They make a GREAT golf gift for the partner who constantly confuses their ball with your own. Junior golfers love our cool colors and women typically find a color that resonates with their game, making it more enjoyable + fun = better game. Many golfers who are visually impaired have shared their golfing success with Chromax and in some cases, they would not be able to play this great game any longer, if it weren’t for their chosen reflective, Chromax colors. The new M5 boasts 8 beautiful, high visibility colors, gold, yellow, silver, green neon, orange, pink, blue and purple. What color reflects your best game?
Chromax golf balls are invented and manufactured by a physicist, materials engineer and scratch golfer. An extraordinary combination of knowledge to build winning golf balls.

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The Chromax Golf Company has a team passionate about golf. We see how excited players are, when they see the reflective colors of our golf balls and they find the colors that improve their own game. Chromax high visibility, combined with our soft, yet durable Surlyn coating and our proprietary core, make the game easier to see and more fun to play. We are the perfect ball to bring more folks to Regulation Golf as well as to the Minigolf world.

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‎0.35 Pounds



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‎1.57 Inches

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‎Soft outer cover, metallic layer and solid core

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‎0.36 Kilograms

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‎Golf Balls(6)



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January 16, 2018



13 reviews for Chromax Metallic M5 Colored Golf Balls (Pack of 6)

  1. Lawrence S. Williams

    Are you an aging golfer with failing eye sight? I’m 75, with poor acuity in one eye and a pretty bad cataract in the other. One of my biggest challenges is keeping up with my golf ball, especially in bright, glary, or hazy conditions. Maybe, like me, you’ve wished for a golf ball that would light up when you hit it and when it lands, so you could find it. (Assuming, of course, that your ball isn’t ALWAYS 300 yards in the middle of the fairway…or even if it IS!) Well, these golf balls just may be the answer to your prayers.I don’t play TPC or Country Club courses, and my local course has LOTS of little daisies and dandelions all year long. Plus lots of un-mowed grass. I nearly always play bright, matte finish, yellow-green or yellow golf balls, or light colored pink ones at times when there are too many dandelions. I find that deeply colored balls are hard to track in the air and that they don’t show up well in deep shade or deep grass.With my usual matte finish golf balls, I usually see the ball in the air (unless it’s glary and hazy), but then I lose track of the ball when it hits the ground. I just tried the sample pack of these Chromax M5’s, and I was able to track and find ALL of them in any conditions. I want to stress that this is an initial impression, and that I haven’t played them in all kinds of light, but even with my poor eye sight I was able to track the ball in the air and on the ground, even in the rough. They really shine!To me, the M5 is just as if a tiny LED comes on when I hit the ball. I was able to track it in flight, and I could follow it when it landed, too. (It does lose it’s luster in the shade, but at least you can track the shade it’s headed into.) On the ground, it continues to beam out its location. I was even able to locate the blue one in a patch of deep daisies. The only one I nearly lost was the silver one, which I hit into a big mass of deep daisies. But even though I had to search a bit for it, the silver did finally stand out from the flowers, so I was able to locate it. I would NEVER have found a white ball in there!I was playing in bright overcast/broken cloudy conditions, so there was good light, but not full sun. Full sun should set these balls on fire! I haven’t yet tried them in dark, overcast conditions, but if they should prove not to work in darker conditions, my matte balls of a bright and light (not deep) color tend to show up well for me in darker conditions. I can play my cheap reloads and save my $3.00 M5’s for bright, glary days when it’s harder for me to see.If you’re a visually impaired golfer, don’t be afraid to give these a try. Hopefully, they’ll help you. To me, they seem miraculous. My spouse no longer HAS TO accompany me (though I’m happy when she does), just so I can find my golf balls. I’ve ordered another box of yellow M5’s to try. I’ll try to remember to add a follow-up review after I’ve had more experience with them.As for performance, I found that I actually hit these balls farther and truer than any other balls I routinely play — which include plenty of decent Callaways and Titleists. I’m not sure if that’s due to the ball or to my extra confidence, but the way I play, I’m giving the doubt to the ball.FOLLOWUP 2 WEEKS LATER…After more experience with these balls, I RAVE even more about them for golfers with poor or diminishing eye sight. I can now add a little more detail.They do shine less when they roll into deep shade, but (especially with certain colors — more on that in a minute), the ambient light does still cause them to “glow” if you can locate the shade patch they’re sitting in. They work best in brighter conditions (which is exactly when I have more trouble seeing my matte finish balls).I ordered some yellow ones, and I’m just a tad disappointed. They have a somewhat golden cast that makes them less visible than I expected. They do shine, but they can almost disappear among dandelions (of which there are many at the moment where I play most).So far, the most visible colors are pink and green — believe me, they shine like Xmas lights! And the pink ones stand out in daisies or dandies. The orange ones are fairly good, too — they shine pretty well (not quite like the green or pink ones), but their unique color makes them pretty easy to pick out from flowers or color variations in the grass. The green ones shine out on the darkest grass at my course (might be different where you play), while the yellow balls are slightly less visible where the grass is yellower — still visible, just not quite as much as the green ones.I’ve played them in overcast conditions, but not seriously dark conditions (like, say, late evening or stormy conditions). Naturally, they shine brightly in the sunlight, too, but very bright light can actually compete with the “light” that shines from these golf balls. Still, they’re easier for me to see in the air, especially when hitting against a bright hazy sky.Me, I’ll be ordering more green and pink ones than the other colors, but I’d encourage you to order the assortment (you don’t get all the colors, but enough), and see which ones work best for you.

  2. Island Gal

    I am a golfer, and many of my friends also golf. Trying to find fun gifts, that can also be used, is sometimes challenging. This six-pack of metallic color golf balls was terrific. She loved them. She laughed and was planning on using them the next time out. Just not over the water…as she didn’t want to lose them. (smile)I will purchase again for another fun golf gift. Great for men or women, or young golfers. We had a friend buy these to give out as a gift during a small tournament. Great idea.Wonderful product and I highly recommend.

  3. Tyler Marin

    These are some nice looking balls! They really stand out on the golf course since most people just use regular balls, and they are great for practicing putting. I can’t give an accurate rating on the performance of the balls, since I suck balls at golf still, but they are fun to use. They also look great at night with the light reflecting off them.

  4. Cat Boater

    I bought these in blue, and they were very unique and easy to spot. However, they are so attracted to water I would not use them around any water hazards. I lost 4 of them before I realized the problem.

  5. Mikey K

    Great for golfing on a sunny day.

  6. R Galloway

    Easy to find when the sun hits the balls.

  7. Didn’t receive the basketball

    I actually bought a couple of these as a “trophy” prize for my fun games with the guys. But I never deployed one until last fall when leaf litter and etc. had us losing balls in the fairway, much less the rough. I expected to hit it twice and be disappointed in the distance. I find zero evidence of a distance dropoff from any premium balls I play. Ball flight seems the same. It feels a little hard so I’m surprised to read it is 75 compression core, but I may be have got used to the new modern marshmallows. I even found I putted it better especially on uphill putts which I tend to underhit. I think it comes from just wanting to rap the ball instead of stroking it. It just seems easier to judge lags.I disagree about the visibility in flight – it is not as good to track in the air and at high ball speeds it is gone in about 150 yards unless you have perfect seeing conditions. I’ve tried all the colors and am sticking to the green – it is a little more trackable in the air and absolutely a beacon on the ground. You can NOT lose these balls if there is a dimple or two exposed to sunlight, or maybe a little more in the shade. You can’t see them in the short rough as well as a regular ball from 200 yards, but if you get within 100 feet of them you can’t miss them. I’ve only lost a couple because of shanks or flubs that nobody saw to pinpoint it within an acre. And of course, water :). They are very durable and I’ve only bruised them on concrete cart paths – which become my water balls eventually.I do like the silver balls, but if you hit them toward the sun, they are black on the back and you ain’t tracking that long. If you play them in full sun, it is just a hoot to see them and makes you smile, even if you are putting for double bogey.

  8. Anonymous

    I love the look of these golf balls. I’m using them for putting practice.

  9. Lauren

    Easy to seeMy dad loves them

  10. David McIntosh

    Bright and beautiful!These balls look delightfully decorative, with excellent findability. They are are also outstandingly playable – and durable.A really surprising and satisfying product!

  11. Marcelo

    Pelotas de Golf NovedosasMuy novedosas, los colores están novedosos, espero que así duren. Lo único es que no se ven de muy buena calidad, espero que al usarlas cambie mi opinión.

  12. Dorian

    Tolles GeschenkDie Qualität der Bälle ist sicher nicht mit Titleist oder Taylormade zu vergleichen, was aber für diesen Preis auch nicht zu erwarten ist.Ich habe die Bälle zu Geburtstag verschenkt und das kam sehr gut an. Für Golfer mit mittlerem oder hohen HCP, wo der Ball nun noch nicht den entscheidenden Ausschlag gibt, ist es ein schöner Gag für Privatrunden oder um den Ball zweifelsfrei zu identifizieren.Vom Spielgefühl her sind die Bälle gut und nicht zu hart. Die Bälle haben auch eine ordentliche Haltbarkeit.Kaufempfehlung

  13. Mrs Lee

    BeautifulBought this for my home putting. So beautiful

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Brand Chromax Color Assorted Age Range (Description) Adult Item Weight 0.35 Pounds Sport Golf Newest, metallic, high visibility golf balls with durable patented Surly coating Find the color that reflects your best game: gold, yellow, neon green, silver, pink, orange, blue or purple and select a few for a great golf gift for your favorite…