Bridgestone 2020 Tour B RXS Golf Balls

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Brand Bridgestone Golf Material Plastic Color White Age Range (Description) Adult Item Weight 272 Grams TOUR B FAMILY OF GOLF BALLS is the TOUR BALL REINVENTED PROPRIETARY REACTIV urethane cover is transformational technology that improves the performance of every shot REACTIV COVER reacts based on the force of impact, delivering INCREASED DISTANCE off the tee…

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We have reinvented the TOUR B X to feature our new REACTIV cover technology. Until now you had to choose more distance or more spin. With REACTIV you can now get more distance and more spin out of the same golf ball.

Designed to fit golfers with swing speeds under 105mph, the new TOUR B RXS has a softer feel and maximum greenside spin, allowing you to stop approach and pitch shots on a dime. Validated professionally by Fred Couples and Rocco Mediate.


REACTIV is a smart Urethane that acts as an ‘impact modifier’ to deliver a shock absorbing cover on slow impact shots for more spin and control (wedge) – and high resilience on high impact shots for more power and distance (drive). The cover reacts differently depending on the force of the impact.


Added distance and forgiveness comes from the Gradational Compression core. Higher initial ball speed and lower side spin from the Gradational Compression core help give you an advantage on the course.


Extra distance and enhanced aerodynamics are a result of the Dual Dimple technology. The added distance comes from a more efficient ball trajectory thanks to less drag when the ball is in flight.


Consistent flight and performance are a result of the proprietary Seamless Cover Technology. The perfect performance and aerodynamic balance comes from a manufacturing processes that creates a perfectly balanced dimple pattern.

From the manufacturer

REACTIV Urethane Cover

Bridgestone TOUR B Fitting

Bridgestone Golf is proven on TOUR

Tiger Woods fits TOUR B XS

Bryson DeChambeau fits TOUR B X

Fred Couples fits TOUR B RXS

Lexi Thompson fits TOUR B X

Tiger Woods is fit for Bridgestone’s TOUR B XS

“I’ve worked with Bridgestone’s R&D team for nearly 20 years now so I know they are the market leader in golf ball innovation. We have taken it to the next level with the new Reactiv cover which gives me the right feel.” – Tiger Woods 1/21/2020

Bryson DeChambeau is fit for Bridgestone’s TOUR B X

“Consistency and control are key factors for my game. What we’ve done with Bridgestone’s R&D team is develop and test this new Reactiv cover that allows me to control launch and spin in ways that traditional urethane falls short.” – Bryson DeChambeau 1/21/2020

Fred Couples is fit for Bridgestone’s TOUR B RXS

“I don’t play the same ball as Tiger, but I found a better ball for me. For me, the softer RXS is a perfect fit. Bridgestone ball fitting has opened my eyes to this better technology. For my swing, these balls allow me to boom it off the tee and also give me more spin and feel greenside.” – Fred Couples 1/21/2020

Lexi Thompson is fit for Bridgestone’s TOUR B X

“When Bridgestone was designing the new TOUR B balls, they asked me what I was looking for. I told them ‘I’ve never had a problem with distance but more sure wouldn’t hurt – and it’s got to spin around the green tee!’ So when they came back to me with the Reactiv cover I was really blown away.” – Lexi Thompson 1/21/2020

Bridgestone Golf has a history of innovations for your game

Bridgestone VFIT

REACTIV Urethane Cover

CONTACT Force Dimple

Golf Ball Fitting

The pioneers in golf ball fitting with over 2.5 million swings recorded. Data shows that over 75% of golfers who are fit show improvement when switching to a Bridgestone Golf ball. Find your fit today!

REACTIV Cover Technology

The biggest material improvement to the golf ball cover in over 20 years. Reactiv goes beyond the boundaries of what is possible with traditional urethane. Fast off of driver for more distance and softer on scoring shots for more control.

Contact Force Dimple

The Contact Force Dimple is a structural change to the golf ball dimple pattern that produces 38% more contact at impact. More contact with a driver means better energy transfer for longer and straighter drives. With scoring clubs more contact leads to better feel and control.

Additional information


‎Bridgestone Golf





Age Range (Description)


Item Weight

‎272 Grams



Item Diameter

‎5.1 Centimeters

Number of Items


Construction Type


Package Weight

‎0.64 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎5.5 x 7.5 x 2 inches

Brand Name

‎Bridgestone Golf

Model Name


Suggested Users


Part Number


Model Year




Included Components



‎One Dozen



Date First Available

January 21, 2020


‎Bridgestone, ‎Bridgestone Golf

13 reviews for Bridgestone 2020 Tour B RXS Golf Balls

  1. J. WILSON

    Good ball for able players with decreasing swing speed.

  2. SCW

    I currently play Srixon XV balls, and decided to see what the fuss was about with Bridgestone. I’m super impressed- they fly a bit lower, but go a bit further and hop and stop better than a ProV1 or my current ball. I am unsure of my swing speed, so started with one that is recommended for under 105 mph. I may pick up a sleeve of the RX to compare. I think these are only a 3 piece construction, but am very close to switching- Maybe Tiger, Freddie Couples and the Bryson know a good product when they play it ?

  3. Lanny Forrester

    Unfortunately I didn’t ever receive my order. Got credit but I wanted the balls

  4. Katherine M.

    It’s not a Pro V 1, but if you are going to drink a 12 pack during the 18 holes these balls are for you. If it is good enough for Fred Couples, it is good enough for me.

  5. Koopakai Kurtis

    This is a really great ball. Soft feel, high spin especially from 100 yards in, feels great off the putter, very durable, buttery off the irons and great distance with all clubs. The only downside might be the high price.

  6. EH

    Love the feel off the tee and on the green. Approaches seem to have a bounce, bounce, stop. Unfortunately, they don’t float and they are hard to find in the trees.

  7. Guy_in_IL

    Started using the RX a month and a half ago, added yardage, but could not work the ball the way I used to. Tried these RXS balls, added a few more yards to my game. But now moving the ball left, straight, right when I try. A mishit will have extra hook or slice. Has made me be more methodical about my swing, with great results in the score and enjoyment playing. My playing partners commented that my past couple rounds have been the best I have swung the club all year. I have not told them about the change to the RXS.

  8. MB from PA

    Nice, enjoyed playing with them.

  9. Elaine L Brown

    Best quality ball for slower swing speedsI have always played with prov1 but price was getting a bit high, as I’m 71 now but still playing off 1 with a swing speed under 105, I thought I would try something new, the Bridgestone B RXS for under 105 swing speeds, have been playing with it for about a month now and found it goes farther than prov1 and stops just as well, feels the same on short game and putting as prov1, the only difference I found was the Bridgestone scuffed up more than the prov1.

  10. Inigo Prado Nicholson

    De 10Perfecta

  11. Luca

    OttimeOttime per swing non velocissimi.

  12. けんにゃ


  13. Elysia Clapham-Richmond

    Perfect ball??Got to say I think these are as good as any premium ballGreat distanceGreat controlSpin as expected around the greenSoft feelAs good as any tp5 or pro v

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Brand Bridgestone Golf Material Plastic Color White Age Range (Description) Adult Item Weight 272 Grams TOUR B FAMILY OF GOLF BALLS is the TOUR BALL REINVENTED PROPRIETARY REACTIV urethane cover is transformational technology that improves the performance of every shot REACTIV COVER reacts based on the force of impact, delivering INCREASED DISTANCE off the tee…